Event planning

Wondering what the differences between event planning and event management are?… Read on to know more!

In a world marked with modern lifestyles that involve time to time celebrations and events, be it personal gatherings or professional ones, the demand for the event-related industry’s services has increased rapidly. All the events require a lot of planning & management, and considering this vast demand, and some professional services providers offer such services.

However, though you might be aware that you can hire professionals to arrange an entire event for you, one thing that usually becomes a point of confusion for many people is the choice between hiring an event planner or event management. Though these terms are used interchangeably quite often, they are not the same. The tasks of the event manager and event planner differ from each other.

Below stated brief descriptions of the event management and event planning and the tasks that majorly falls into each category that would help you recognize the difference between the two.

Event planning

Event planning

The name itself signifies that the main task of the event planner would be to plan all the things related to a particular event from the very beginning to the end of it. It begins at the first step itself, where you need to decide the event’s theme and lasts for even a few days after the date of the event when all the follow-up tasks need to be wrapped up. It includes everything that is required to put an event together.

Some of the many responsibilities of the event planner include the following:

  • Deciding on the theme of the event.
  • Determining the budget for the same.
  • Choosing the venue where the event will take place.
  • Negotiating with the hotel authorities about the contract.
  • Hiring vendors.
  • Planning the menu and hiring the caterer.
  • Deciding the guest speakers or the other sources for entertainment and getting them onboard.
  • Assuring the well-coordinated transportation facilities.
  • Choosing the colour scheme for the event.
  • Selecting the type of invitations to be sent to the guests.

Event Management

Event planningThings related to the event needs to be planned by an event planner. But the task of assuring that everything takes place as per the plan lies under the category of event management. The task of an event manager is to ensure that all the aspects of an event planned separately work well with each other in a coordinated manner to avoid any hindrance.

Some of the many responsibilities of the event manager include the following:

  • Booking a location for the event as per the plan.
  • Coordinating the tasks with the outside vendors.
  • Deciding on the arrangement related to the parking facilities for the guests who will be attending the event.
  • Having a strong backup plan to handle contingencies in case anything goes wrong.
  • Ensuring that everything is taking place keeping in mind the safety standards so that no harm is caused to anyone involved in the event.
  • Managing each task by keeping a check on the staff members working on it.
  • Overseeing if the execution of the plan is going on well or not.
  • Monitoring the entire event.
  • Resolving any issues that might come up on the site of the event.


It can be concluded by saying that though many functions of the event planners and event managers overlap at many points while organizing the event, the basic premise of their task still varies from each other. This difference can help you ascertain the services you would need for your event.

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