WoolOvers Come to Barnsgate

Woolovers at Barnsgate

It’s come round to the time of year where the nights are drawing in and the temperature is creeping down and down… and down. I’m certainly not one for the cold so I keep stocked up on warm, woolly clothing to insulate myself. WoolOvers have set up shop at Barnsgate today to sell and showcase their warm, woolly wares. Sounds good to me![...] read more

The Substitutes for Your Dietary Requirements You Might Not Know About

dietary requirements

When you find out that you have a dietary requirement, you might well have made yourself a long, mental list of all the things you think you can and can't eat... More often than not it's a pretty miserable list but you might not have considered just how many substitutes have recently become available to replace those cravings of yours.[...] read more